Amplifon – Nationwide

Client: Amplifon

With over 140 branches within the UK, we are currently working on a roll out programme for Amplifon, having fit-out 18 of their stores in 2018.

We are proud to support Amplifon in their fit-out programme which has seen us design each store using CAD software to create a more customer friendly layout which is accessible for everyone.

These designs are based around discussions and feedback from managers, staff and customers within each branch as to what would best fit their needs in store.

Within each store we have designed and manufactured bespoke receptionist and audiologist desks to fit each individual store perfectly, whilst being more convenient and accessible for the Amplifon staff and their customers.

Furthermore, each project consists of the installation of new ultra-soundproofed audiologist rooms to allow tests to be conducted with minimal disruption and background noise from the reception area.

Within the newly designed layouts for each store we utilize the space as much as possible by creating storage and filing rooms which contain bespoke draws and cupboards, specifically manufactured to the room’s dimensions.

Our team also complete the installation of grid ceilings, flooring, sound proof doors, and completed decorations, AC and electrical works.